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I have been seeing Koko for the past 5 1/2 years. I had been to many massage therapists in the past. I had back problems that led to back surgery, as well as hip problems that led to hip surgery. And suffered alot. And the therapists tried to help, but I always felt I needed something more.

 I then was introduced to Koko Knowles. From the moment I met her, just her presence, filled me with calmness, peace, and tenderness.Koko was utmost interested in my precise needs. After sharing my problems, she explained her knowledge of the whole body and how it worked. She told me of the classes she had attended to further her expertise, and gain more techniques. She treats the whole body. From her healing hands and her love for her career, I was so impressed.

 My treatment thus began. She knew exactly what to do. From her gentle touch to her hands getting into all the areas that hadbeen sore for so long. With her patience and knowledge, and healing powers she went to work. Never, have I felt so attended to. The deep pain from the nerve damage in my leg had all but disappeared on my first visit. And by the second, visit it was gone completely. My stressed areas are all relaxed, as I continue with my maintenance program. I feel better than I ever have. Thank you to Koko, who goes above and beyond, because she cares so deeply about each individual. You will have found a gem of a therapist,a caring person,as well as someone who truly knows the body. Koko continues to further her education at every chance she gets. I just love her!

Rose. C  Temecula


I have been seeing Koko for over 4 years.  Whether on a weekly basis or once a month she always seems to know what my sore, stressed out neck and shoulders need.  She is a dedicated massage therapist who is educated and very much in tune with what you are telling her about your body and then focusing on the areas of concern.  Do not let her size fool you; her hands are strong and soothing. You won’t ever be disappointed after a visit with Koko.

R.W  Temecula


I have been receiving massage therapy from Koko for over three years.  The care I’ve received has been great.  Koko is very professional.  And with her ongoing pursuit of continuing education, she can tailor your treatment to your needs.  I highly recommend Koko.

D.W Temecula


  I have known Koko now for about four years and have used her services for myself and have gifted them to family members.

  I have been to many massage therapists and many of them were very good but when I met Koko within the first few moments of our conversation I knew she was different. I immediately scheduled an appointment. I was extremely impressed with her passion and approach to working with and wanting to truly help her clients. After just one session with Koko it was apparent that she is a gifted massage therapist using her gentle hands, intuition and vast knowledge massage therapy to change, relax and soothe the body.

  I look forward to every appointment I have with Koko because I know when I leave my appointment I will bephysically pain free and mentally in a much better place.

 I highly recommend Koko to all my family, friends and work associates and I will continue to recommend her to anyone that has a need or want to be in better physical health.

 Julie Weber-Grice



Koko is a gifted healer and uses her intuition and vast knowledge of the healing arts to comfort, relax and soothe the body. I love my sessions with Koko and always feel refreshedrenewed and revitalized afterwards. Because she is so highly trained in cranial-sacral therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue massage therapy and many other modalities. She can apply a combination of techniques to maximize the most effectivepositive response from tight or sore muscles. She is a very loving, caring and expert massage professional and I highly recommend her.

TA – Temecula



 Koko has always given me great massages. I usually come to her with aches and pains. She assesses my situation, then uses whatever techniques, of which she knows many, to alleviate my pain. I always get off her table pain-free with the problem gone. I'm a massage therapist myself and I always choose to go see Koko when I need a massage!

K. Anderson, Wildomar


 I have been receiving bodywork from Ayako for several years now and am very grateful for her intuitive gift of healing. She has a great ability to help restore function in injured areas ( she worked with me through two frozen shoulders ), relieve stress, and unwind hidden tensions. Besides being a compassionate listener and a very knowledgeable practitioner of many modalities of bodywork, she is always curious on how to best bring health and happiness to our sessions. I would highly recommend Ayako for your health needs.

  Gratefully, C. Harrison, Temecula


 Playing racquetball every day, I’ve encountered a few injuries these past years.  In addition to the massages being relaxing, Koko has always worked with my injuries, so that I may continue this sport which I have a passion for.

Koko’s technique is above and beyond most massage therapists .  I’m very impressed with her knowledge.  I also admire her dedication to helping clients to improve their health and feel good!


RB Shirley



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