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What am I doing to offer safe environment

What I am doing to offer safe environment for my clients:

1. Wear a face mask while greeting and during the treatment.

2. Change the apron and hair covering between clients.

3. Place plastic table protector under the sheet, disinfect between clients.

4. Run HEPA filter air purifier in the treatment room.

5. Sanitize and wash hands, forearms and elbows between clients.

6. Make appointments in spread time schedule.

7. Face crate will be disinfected between clients.

8. Face crate will have king size pillow case to drape down.

9. Door knob will be disinfected between clients.

10. Have plastic box(es) to place personal belongings and clothes. They will be disinfected between clients.

11.  I will contact to do check in screening 1-2 day before the appointment.

12. I will check my own body temperature  

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